Three Qualities of a Deke

"We builded better than we knew, when we founded the brotherhood to which good fellowship has ever been a passport not less requisite than learning, where glees have been written as often as essays, and where the candidate most favored was he who combined in the most equal proportions the gentleman, the scholar, and the jolly good-fellow. "

--The Founding of the Fraternity as Recalled by One of the Founders, Edward Griffin Bartlett, Phi 1846

The Gentleman, The Scholar, and the Jolly Good-Fellow - In the Most Equal Proportions

"The Gentleman, the Scholar, and the Jolly Good-Fellow" has become our motto and guides our new member selection process. Everywhere, "DKE" describes men of courteous and honorable deportment, intellectual excellence, and good fellowship. We Dekes are actively seeking men of the same mold.

Are you a Gentleman, a Scholar, and a Jolly Good-Fellow? If yes, nominate yourself for recruitment here.