Sarah Christensen | Administrative Director

Sarah has been with DKE International over ten years, starting in April of 2006. Hopefully many members have had the opportunity to meet Sarah at the Conventions in New Orleans, Naples, Ann Arbor, Tuscaloosa (twice), or Danville...or at RLF golf tournaments in Cape Charles and Mobile. If not, you may have spoken with her on the phone. Sarah is the daughter of Paul Kuzdrall, Omicron '66 and has many childhood memories of Deke events at the Shant - the current headquarters for DKE and the Rampant Lion Foundation.

While growing up, Sarah lived in several diverse regions of North America, from west Texas to London, Ontario. She settled in Ann Arbor after arriving for college. Sarah is a graduate of the University of Michigan where she was a clarinet player in the marching band. She also has an MSW degree from Wayne State University. Her career has taken her from work with nonprofit social service organizations to providing organizational management for DKE and RLF. 

Sarah works at the Shant in Ann Arbor throughout the week. She is the person who handles everyday questions and unusual requests, and works to maintain effective communications with the chapters. While you may not see her at a chapter meeting, she is a willing and accessible resource to chapters. 

Sarah is eager to work with each member and each chapter to maintain the strength of the fraternity and its traditions.  If you are visiting Ann Arbor, please call the business number at (734) 302-4210 and Sarah (or another staff member) will be happy to give you a tour of the Shant!