In 1867, a bond was forged... In 2014 you could reform that bond

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    How do you want to define your undergraduate career? Do you want to be a play-it-safe, go-with-the-flow, status quo kind of guy? Or do you want to be something different? To be the kind of person that takes the horse by the reins, goes against the grain, writes his own story? 

    If you consider yourself in the latter of these two groups, then the recolonization of the Psi Omega Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute represents a unique opportunity to do just that - to write your own story. 

    As a Re-Founding Father, you could play an integral part in bringing back to life a historic chapter of one of this nation’s oldest and most prestigious fraternities. You and your new brothers will get to decide how the organization is run, what the culture of your brotherhood will look and feel like and, most importantly, what memories and accomplishments you want written into the story of your undergraduate career. 

Delta Kappa Epsilon has a long and storied history, counting 5 U.S. Presidents amongst our ranks, and many of the nation's leading business and political figures in the last 170 years. The Psi Omega Chapter itself counts several prominent alumni amongst its ranks, including famed Japanese Rail magnate Baron Hirai Seijirō, and Baltimore-area real estate developer and current DKE Chairman of the Board Sam Heffner, both of whom have buildings on campus named in their honour. 

    So take a moment to think about the first question again: How do you want to define your undergraduate career? Will it be decided for you? Or are you ready to define it yourself through the brotherhood of Delta Kappa Epsilon? 

On- Campus information sessions (Room 3202, The Union): 

Oct 9th 7pm-9pm

Oct 16th 7pm-8pm

Oct 23rd 7pm-8pm

Oct 30th 7pm-8pm