Neilson Brown |  Beta, UNC-Chapel Hill '69 

Neilson attended UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was a member of the Beta Chapter of DKE. He earned his MBA from the Wharton School (U. Penn) in 1971. He recently retired from the Investment Management industry, where he worked for firms such as Brown Brothers Harriman in Philadelphia, INVESCO Capital Management in Atlanta, and then at a firm that he co-founded, Cornerstone Investment Partners (Atlanta). Neilson moved back to Chapel Hill in 2012. He is heavily involved in the Beta Chapter's alumni activities, serving as a Board Member of Beta DKE Alumni Association, as well as the Capital Fund Campaign Committee. His is also involved with other Board such as the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) for Charter Schools in Eastern Carolina. He is married to Mary Earle Brown, also a UNC grad, and they have two grown children.