George Farnsworth, Jr., Tau Lambda '50

George Shepherd Farnsworth, Jr. passed away with his family by his side on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at the age of 74. George graduated from Tulane University with a mechanical engineering degree in 1961 and was a member of the Tau Lambda chapter. He had a long career as a New Orleans real estate broker, and founded the commercial brokerage The George S. Farnsworth Company, which later merged with a leading residential firm to become Farnsworth Samuel Limited. George was a true Bon Vivant, passionate about great food, wine, antiques, art, traveling, and most importantly sharing these pleasures with his family and countless friends; Always open to trying things new, he also stuck with those large and small things in daily life that he loved such as his morning New York Times, his evening Campari & Soda and one of his many Saluki dogs by his side. He was incredibly charismatic with a great sense of humor, and almost all who knew him have many "George" stories to tell. He will be terribly missed and fondly remembered.