Statement by DKE International Regarding Wesleyan University


Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity stands strongly in support of its Brothers at the DKE Wesleyan alumni chapter for filing suit (please click HERE for more information) against the University for blatant sexual discrimination, misrepresentation and deceptive practices that deprived them of their right to live in their own house for the 2015/16 school year.

DKE, like all of the other fraternities and sororities on Wesleyan’s campus, are unfairly singled out by being denied the right to pursue housing options depending on a person’s gender, race, creed or sexual preference. Nevertheless, after DKE Wesleyan worked in good faith to comply with the University’s mandate that the residential fraternity house be “fully coeducated” (cohabitated) within three years, the administration abruptly and unreasonably denied DKE their student housing option two days before the selection process was to begin.

Sadly, President Roth feels compelled to break DKE’s 150-year old tradition on Wesleyan’s campus which, as the University has said, “has contributed greatly to Wesleyan over a long period of time” in order to pursue his own particular brand of “diversity.” We sincerely hope that the Court will reject the blatant hypocrisy driving the actions of Wesleyan’s administration and see that justice is done by restoring the rights of DKE undergraduates to live in their own house. Such an outcome would be a victory not only for DKE Wesleyan, but for every Fraternity who cherishes the bonds of brotherhood that we are so fortunate to call our own.