DekeNation Podcast

Hello DekeNation listeners!

DKE HQ has started its first Podcast that will be accessible from our website, here, and you'll be able to subscribe via iTunes to receive automatic updates on the latest episodes. Our hope with this podcast is that it'll be a new way for Dekes across the world to get the latest news on what is going on with the fraternity. The end goal is a product that will supplement the Deke Quarterly, our fraternity magazine. For example, you'll be able to read an abridged interview that is in the Deke Quarterly, and then go to the podcast and listen to the unabridged interview, in a different feel. 

We want Dekes to be an integral part of this podcast, so feel free to email us with any suggestions of what we should talk about, or who we should interview; whether it's an active member that is doing a great job in a particular category of DKE, or a prominent alumnus from DKE that can talk about their unique experience, and how DKE has impacted them since. We'll finish each episode with a preview of what the next episode will be on, and that will give listeners a chance to give input on the episode.

For the moment, we are pending iTunes approval, but you can listen to the first post HERE. (