Rampant Lion Foundation response to GoFundMe campaign

Statement of RLF Trustees, 2/20/17

Over the weekend, a GoFundMe project was established to "Save the Shant." While anyone can invest or donate their money as they see fit, there are several factors any potential investors or donors may wish to consider. 

As background, the Rampant Lion Foundation made the decision to sell the Shant for very compelling business reasons, as explained HERE. While we all feel a degree of sentimentality over the building, emotion should not be an overriding factor in any business decision.

Potential investors should not be swayed by false implications that RLF or DKE are being forced to sell the Shant out of financial need. The simple reality is that continued ownership of the building is not justifiable from a business standpoint, because it no longer serves the RLF's mission of supporting the educational activities of DKE Fraternity. Trustees of any 501(c)(3) charitable foundation have a fiduciary duty to make decisions which support the mission and financial interest of the foundation.

Potential investors in this project should realize that the building is under contract already, at a sales price substantially higher than the goal of the GoFundMe campaign. While the sale is not complete, we expect it to go through. Another consideration for investors is, what happens when the Shant is acquired? Is there a plan to monetize it to support its operation? What is the ongoing cost of keeping the building in operation? What will be the source of ongoing revenue? Who will fund the necessary repairs? We believe that investors should carefully consider these factors, or find answers to these questions, before making a decision to invest. 

For more information, please contact rlf@dke.org.

RLF Board of Trustees


Rampant Lion Foundation Lists the Shant for Sale

Because the Shant, which serves as headquarters for Delta Kappa Epsilon, no longer adequately houses the fraternity’s growing offices, the Rampant Lion Foundation Board of Trustees, which owns the historic building in downtown Ann Arbor, Mich., has reached the difficult decision to sell it.

Designed by William Lebaron Jenney and built for DKE in 1878, it served for decades as a meeting place for the Brothers of the fraternity’s Omicron chapter

at the University of Michigan. Through the years, hundreds of young Dekes, including Gerald Ford, who went on to serve as President of the United States, passed through its portals.

Since the early 1990s, the fraternity’s headquarters has operated out of the Shant, but the space is no longer adequate for the expanding staff and services. Also,

property ownership does not advance the mission of the Rampant Lion Foundation, and it ties up funds that could otherwise be used to support DKE undergraduates.

The Shant is in need of some repairs if the DKE headquarters were to continue using it, and it was decided that owning real estate is not the best way to allocate RLF’s resources. This was a joint decision by the Rampant Lion Foundation’s Board of Trustees and the DKE Executive Committee.

Alumni from the Omicron chapter were given the first option to purchase the Shant at a reduced price, but they did not exercise that option, so the building is now on the open market.

DKE HQ's Statement on LSU Chapter Banners

On Saturday, September 10th, DKE’s chapter at LSU posted a banner in front of the fraternity house. The banner was a humorous political commentary on NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to remain seated during the playing of the National Anthem before a pre-season game.

DKE is one of countless organizations and individuals around the United States who have expressed, in various ways, their disapproval of Kaepernick’s method of protesting his valid concerns about race issues in the U.S. Many of those who disagreed have used humor to express their belief. The famous TV Comedy South Park, hardly a racist show, also made fun of Kaepernick.

Traditional and social media are full of examples of American citizens and groups who disagree with the method Kaepernick chose to express his beliefs. A YouGov poll showed that by a margin of 57-32, those with an opinion disapproved of his method of protest.

DKE’s banner is not a critique of the core message of Kaepernick’s beliefs, but rather, only his manner of protest. It defies reality to suggest that because of the banner, DKE is questioning the seriousness of the issue Kaepernick raises. Any attempt to portray this banner as an attack by DKE on Kaepernick’s beliefs is completely off the mark, and is unfair to DKE.

The fraternity members were using humor to express their disapproval with what they view as Kaepernick’s disrespect of the American Flag and National Anthem, and nothing more.

Delta Kappa Epsilon Awards Banquet Results

Lion Trophy


  1. Iota-Centre College
  2. Rho-Lafayette College
  3. Phi Rho-Penn State and Theta Zeta-Cal Berkeley

Chapter Operations

  1. Rho-Lafayette College
  2. Psi-University of Alabama and Phi Alpha-University of British Columbia
  3. Theta Chi-Union College and Delta Phi-Alberta

Community Service & Philanthropy

  1. Phi Alpha-University of British Columbia
  2. Phi Rho-Penn State University and Rho-Lafayette College


  1. Psi-University of Alabama
  2. Iota-Centre College
  3. Rho-Lafayette College

Lion Trophy Runner Up: Phi Alpha-University of British Columbia

Lion Trophy Winner: Rho-Lafayette College


Delta Award for Chapter Improvement

Runner Up: Kappa-Miami University

Winner: Tau Chi-Texas A&M

Charles O Blaisdell DKE Leadership Award Winner: Jacob Beach, Texas A&M ’16

Nick Napolitano Outstanding Chapter President Award: Ryan Flynne, Rho-Lafayette College ’16

The William M. Henderson Alumni Service Award: Mike De Lisi, Rho-Lafayette College ‘03

DKE Wine Club



The triumphs and successes of Delta Kappa Epsilon brothers and alumni throughout history are myriad and unparalleled, spread across every industry and trade: government, business, entertainment, sports, and of course, wine. 


DKE has assembled some of the leading brothers in the wine industry and asked them to put together a unique wine program exclusively for fellow DKE wine connoisseurs. Today we are proud to announce the launch of the DKE Wine Brotherhood, a limited-membership wine club featuring hand- selected wines from DKE brothers in the industry delivered directly to your door every quarter. Only DKE brothers are eligible to participate in this club, and due to the limited supply of high-profile wines, membership will be extremely limited.


Every quarter for only US$99 per shipment, wine writer and expert Chris Kern, Zeta ’97, will curate and select three small-batch, limited-edition, highly-rated wines and provide tasting notes to guide his fellow DKE brothers on their journey through their tastings.  These are top wines from exclusive and elite boutique wineries around the country, including winery-exclusive selections and rarities you will not find in your local wine shop or supermarket. Some of the wines will be for immediate enjoyment, while others will excel with some extra time in the cellar. Moreover, if you have any questions about the wines, Chris will be available to club members via email, phone, Facebook or Twitter to answer your queries and provide additional information.

Additionally, select shipments each year will include wines produced by fellow DKE brothers in the wine business. These showcase wines will ONLY be available through the DKE Wine Brotherhood, and may feature special club-exclusive DKE inscriptions, labels or stickers to highlight and promote their DKE heritage.

Every quarterly shipment comes with Chris’s detailed tasting notes and histories on the wines and wineries, along with food pairing suggestions. In addition, one month after every shipment arrives, Chris will host an exclusive virtual tasting event online just for DKE brothers, where you can drink along and discuss the wines with Chris and special guests.

We are also planning a very special wine tasting event at next year’s National Convention just for Wine Brotherhood members.

Plus, a percentage of the net proceeds from the DKE Wine Brotherhood goes directly to DKE International, where it will be used to provide scholarships to current brothers and assistance to active and charter chapters

If you love wine and you love DKE, you need to be part of the DKE Wine Brotherhood. You get great wine. You help support DKE. You celebrate the best wines and winemakers DKE has produced.

Sounds like a win-win-wine to us.


Go to: http://www.pasosbestwines.com/dke.html to sign up




Brent Tynan, Phi Alpha '76 Passes Away

We are saddened to advise of the death of Brother Brent Tynan, Phi Alpha-University of British Columbia '76. Brent passed away peacefully in his beautiful Salt Spring home surrounded by his family. Brother Tynan was the rock for Phi Alpha for decades having served as Brother Beta as a neophyte and as Alumni Association President for many years.

He also funded the creation of the alumni computer records system and the cabinets that house the collection of Deke materials that he created and continued to contribute to. Brent also funded, and was the primary fundraiser for the $100,000 in improvements for the former house on Agronomy Road. He chaired the Committees and was the main reason for the success of the 50th and 60th reunion festivities.

In his honor, the Brent Tynan Award and a scholarship of $2,500 is given each year to the undergraduate who best exemplifies the qualities of Brent – a gentleman, a scholar and a jolly good fellow.

At the International level, Brent was the Honorary President of the Fraternity, a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the Fraternity, and was the driving force behind the September, 1984 “Chicago Conference’ that changed the path of the Fraternity from inaction and stalemate to action and revival and resulted in significant changes to the Constitution of the Fraternity at the December 1984 San Francisco Convention.  In addition, Brent chaired the Vancouver Convention of the Fraternity which was held in Vancouver in 1996. Brent served as a Director of the Canadian Foundation of the Fraternity since its founding in 2012.

With Beta Tau, The University of Victoria, Brent was a driving force behind the creation of the Chapter and a loyal supporter since its founding. Once the Chapter is able to purchase permanent housing, the House will be named the Tynan House in his honor.

He will be missed by all of us. We hope that you will follow what Brent suggested in the last e-mail he sent out:” Share a glass with me wherever you are and remember the good times and always endure the bad with grace” In accordance with Brent’s wishes, several wakes in the Irish tradition will be held in the Fall.

DKE Awards Banquet Results

Here is the list of award winners from the 2015 DKE Awards Banquet and Dinner

Delta Award for Chapter Improvement

Phi Gamma, Syracuse University - Winner

Rho Beta, University of Richmond - Runner-up

William M. Henderson Alumni Award

Scott Smith, Beta-UNC '88

Napolitano Award for Chapter President Excellence

William Wright, Tau Delta- Sewanee: University of the South '16

Charles O. Blaisdell DKE Leadership Award

Matt Rose, Phi Gamma- Syracuse University

The Lion Trophy


  1. Theta Chi, Union College
  2. Sigma Xi, St. Joe's
  3. TIE: Gamma, Vanderbilt & Iota, Centre College

Chapter Operations & Alumni Relations

  1. Psi, Alabama
  2. TIE: Sigma Alpha, Virginia Tech & Iota, Centre College
  3. Theta Chi, Union College

Philanthropy & Community Service

  1. Phi Alpha, University of British Columbia
  2. TIE: Psi, Alabama & Iota, Centre College
  3. TIE: Theta Chi, Union College & Theta Zeta, University of California-Berkeley


  1. Iota, Centre College
  2. Kappa, Miami University

Overall Lion Trophy Winner

Iota, Centre College

Runners up: Psi, Alabama & Theta Chi, Union College


Congratulations to all the 2015 award winners. Keep up the great work, chapters, actives, and alumni!


Iota Wins the Lion Trophy for the 2014-2015 School Year

The International Headquarters of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is proud to announce the Iota Chapter - located on the campus of Centre College in Danville, Kentucky - as the winner of the Lion Trophy for the 2014-2015 school year. The Lion Trophy is the highest honor that can be achieved by a ∆KE chapter and is awarded annually to the chapter judged to be best in overall performance based on the categories of Chapter Operations, Philanthropy and Service, Scholarship, and Leadership.

Presentation of the trophy is made at the International Convention or at another suitable occasion and is accompanied by an embossed certificate. This year the trophy was awarded at the 2015 DKE International Leadership Summit, which was held on the University of Texas-Austin campus from August 6th-9th. Iota was represented at this event by active brothers Matthew Nisbet, Lucas Brooks, Clayton Trette, Grant Markwell, and Ian Ennis. 

The Iota Chapter has won the Lion Trophy twice in the past, first in 1975 and then again in 2013, but this year’s victory represents the chapter's first ever outright claim to the trophy because the prior victories were both ties for 1st place with another chapter. 

The trophy itself is an original Tiffany-designed silver cup that was a gift of the Fraternity in 1894 to William Boyd Jacobs, the last surviving founder of ∆KE. It was returned to the Fraternity after his death in 1905 by Brother Jacobs' daughter, and is now presented each year to the winning chapter. A chapter must submit a detailed application in order to be considered for this prestigious award. 

New Issue of the Deke Quarterly

The 2015 Spring issue of the DEKE Quarterly has been posted online.  Go to issuu.com/dkequarterly (note you must use dke NOT deke) to view the magazine.

In this issue is a recap of the 170th Convention, a feature story on Jerry Ford, results of the 2014 Lion Trophy competition,  and personal awards for 2014, along with the regular features.

Printed copies will be mailed next month to all alumni who are current on their dues to DKE International.

The Summer issue will be published in the next few months. It will contain news from the chapters and colonies, several stories on alumni activities, and features on newly chartered chapters.

Statement by DKE International Regarding Wesleyan University


Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity stands strongly in support of its Brothers at the DKE Wesleyan alumni chapter for filing suit (please click HERE for more information) against the University for blatant sexual discrimination, misrepresentation and deceptive practices that deprived them of their right to live in their own house for the 2015/16 school year.

DKE, like all of the other fraternities and sororities on Wesleyan’s campus, are unfairly singled out by being denied the right to pursue housing options depending on a person’s gender, race, creed or sexual preference. Nevertheless, after DKE Wesleyan worked in good faith to comply with the University’s mandate that the residential fraternity house be “fully coeducated” (cohabitated) within three years, the administration abruptly and unreasonably denied DKE their student housing option two days before the selection process was to begin.

Sadly, President Roth feels compelled to break DKE’s 150-year old tradition on Wesleyan’s campus which, as the University has said, “has contributed greatly to Wesleyan over a long period of time” in order to pursue his own particular brand of “diversity.” We sincerely hope that the Court will reject the blatant hypocrisy driving the actions of Wesleyan’s administration and see that justice is done by restoring the rights of DKE undergraduates to live in their own house. Such an outcome would be a victory not only for DKE Wesleyan, but for every Fraternity who cherishes the bonds of brotherhood that we are so fortunate to call our own.

Dekes in Savannah to Convene

Dekes in Savannah and Hilton Head areas are invited to attend a DKE Networking and Cocktail Reception on Monday, February 16th.

We will be meeting from 5:30-7:30 at Churchill's Pub, located at 13 West Bay St., downtown Savannah.


Dekes from all chapters are encouraged to attend; wives/others are welcome as well.


Optional RSVP HERE.

Statement from DKE International regarding UC Berkeley Allegations

Delta Kappa Epsilon condemns sexual violence in the strongest possible terms. We are investigating the allegations at our chapter at Berkeley. Berkeley DKE wishes to cooperate with our investigation, as well as that of the local law enforcement to the fullest extent, and has suspended all social activities indefinitely. Although as of now no facts have come to light to support these anonymous allegations, any disciplinary action that may result from our investigation will be handled swiftly and internally.

DKE Responds to Wesleyan University Decision

Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity strongly disagrees with the decision by Wesleyan University to require fraternities to become coed organizations. The statement from President Roth does not mention a single specific problem that this decision is intended to resolve, not to mention how or why this step would resolve such problem(s). We believe this statement insults the intelligence of Wesleyan’s students, alumni, and other constituencies, who deserve more than vague references to “equity” and “inclusion” when explaining why the University feels it must break a 150-year old tradition, one that, as the statement says, has “contributed greatly to Wesleyan over a long period of time.”


Remarkably absent from the University’s statement are any facts - even opinions - about why Wesleyan feels it will be better off with coeducational fraternities. How can a highly-rated liberal arts institution implement a major policy change, without even describing to those affected by it, the problem that you are intending to solve?   We see no evidence of a rigorous, fact-based analysis of the situation - an approach one would think that Wesleyan University would embrace.    


The statement says “we also believe they (the fraternities) must change to continue to benefit their members and the larger campus community,” but, no reasons are provided to enlighten us as to why. It’s also curious that this decision applies only to the residential fraternities; again, no explanation provided, leaving us to wonder if there is an unstated, underlying reason for this decision.


All-male fraternities add a great deal to campus life at Wesleyan, not only socially but also academically, and with respect to campus and community involvement. Fraternity men are often in the lead in the campaign against sexual assault and violence against women, as well as other major issues facing college students. In fact, DKE is presenting campus wide campaigns this year for education and awareness of sexual assault and binge drinking.


We urge the University to reverse this decision until these issues are studied in a fair, factual, and open-minded way, so that appropriate reforms can be enacted.


Statement from DKE International Regarding Rutgers

On behalf of the International Fraternity of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the Brothers of our chapter at Rutgers University, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Caitlyn Kovacs.  We also wish to extend our sympathies to the students of Rutgers University as they endure this time of grief and misfortune.  As the investigation of the incident is ongoing, Delta Kappa Epsilon is fully cooperating with local and county authorities.



Doug Lanpher,

Executive Director

Delta Kappa Epsilon, International